Creating new opportunities
for wealth

Money is deeply personal. Yet it’s a topic that most people only understand on the surface level. Beyond that opaque surface, there is a hidden world of sophisticated financial strategies, gate kept behind the walls of institutional banks and only accessible through wealth managers. Why is this the case? In short, these products are complicated and difficult to manage. So how can we give everyone access to smarter and more effective methods of money management? The answer lies in technology that automates and simplifies.

The Frec team are self-proclaimed finance nerds who came together from leading technology companies (like Meta, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Apple, Salesforce, and Affirm) with one unifying goal: to help our clients reach financial independence by providing them with the resources and technology they need to intentionally build wealth.  

Our superpower is the technology we’ve built. Where others haven’t attempted, we’ve hunkered down and continuously iterated —  with simplicity and ease of use as our constant north stars. The result is a product that streamlines complex financial strategies, allowing you to unlock more wealth for your effort.

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