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An example screenshot of tax losses harvested

Tax loss harvest your fees away

Our fee structure is simple – 0.10% annually, or $100 / year for a $100,000 portfolio.

With your tax savings, it could pay for itself 21 times over.1

Direct indexing
Annual fee

It’s that simple. Get started with $20,000.
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Get more for less

Our pricing, compared

Other direct indexing solutions are more expensive. Wealthfront Direct Indexing charges 0.25%, other traditional brokerages charge 0.40%, and wealth advisors may charge as much as 1.0%.2

ETFs have fees, too

Did you know ETFs have a fee too? It’s called an expense ratio. For example, SPY which tracks the S&P 500, has an expense ratio of 0.09%, which is pretty darn close to our 0.10% fee but without the tax loss harvesting and customization benefits.3

Borrow at one of the lowest rates

Borrow up to 70% of your direct index portfolio through a portfolio line of credit. Our rate is always the Effective Federal Funds Rate + 1%, lower than many of our competitor’s listed rates.