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Live your best life while letting your investments work for you

Borrow up to 70% of your investment portfolio without ever having to sell your stocks. We’ll help you borrow smartly and safely.
Why borrow?

Borrow on your terms

No monthly payments

Repay your loan at your own pace. Interest will accrue on your loan but you don’t pay a monthly principal.

Proactive risk management

Our smart risk modeling tools help you keep your account in good standing and help minimize your risk of margin calls.

Instant loans

Get access to your loan instantly without jumping through hoops. No need for underwriting or credit checks.

Trusted and loved by...

Frec gives me all the facts so I can make informed decisions on how much to borrow against my investments. When I was with Fidelity, I was on my own. Deciding how much to borrow was a wild guess.

Avlok Kohli

CEO of AngelList Venture

Frec enables me to stay invested in the ideas I believe in. As an angel investor, I can hold onto the winners while having liquidity through Frec margin loans.

Jana Messerschmidt

Founding Partner of #ANGELS

People who work in tech know that liquidity is paramount - it allows for diversification, optionality and tax optimization. Frec is a great way to take advantage of public markets while also maintaining liquidity via a low cost margin loan.

Michael Tannenbaum

COO of Brex

Frec levels the playing field by giving everyone access to the same low interest rates that banks offer their best customers.

Max Mullen

Co-founder of Instacart

When buying our new home, we knew Frec would let us instantly access cash for the down payment or renovations without having to sell any equities (and paying taxes or selling at an inopportune time). This peace of mind dramatically lowered our stress levels.

David Lieb

Product Lead at Google Photos

Using margin loans is the top piece of financial advice I would give to my 27 year old self when my then employer, Google, went public. I sold a big chunk of my stock to put a down payment on an apartment – had I borrowed and held my stock, its value today would buy 10 apartments! With Frec, margin loans are even easier and cheaper to access.

Josh McFarland

VC at Greylock Partners

Before Frec, margin calls seemed way too scary for me. With Frec, I feel confident about borrowing on margin because it allows me to play out all the potential scenarios and alerts me to any market changes long before a margin call happens. Frec gives me the information I need to make smart decisions

Rebecca Kossnick

Angel Investor

Frec makes margin loans easy. With my previous margin loan provider, I had to call in every time to discuss my interest rates, initiate transfers, and figure out my risk of getting a margin call – every step was painful and time consuming.

Rahul Gupta

Early Affirm Engineer

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Why borrow?

Get access to the money you need today without having to sell your investments. Borrowing instead of selling could increase your net worth in the long run.

What are the risks involved with borrowing on margin?

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